EcoRides: How It Will Revolutionize Sustainable Transportation

EcoRides - How It Will Revolutionize Sustainable Transportation

Eco-friendly and sustainable transportation is one of the most crucial aspects of modern human civilization. With concerns regarding global warming and harmful environmental effects, several countries have realized the need for zero-carbon and green transportation. Today, we will discuss the current state of transportation and how sustainable solutions like EcoRides from Beeda can greatly impact this sector.

The Current Scenario of Eco-Friendly Transportation

Traditionally, fossil fuels like diesel and gasoline have powered our modes of transport. However, these are not infinite sources. Most experts have noted that these sources will be depleted in the coming decades. Moreover, there is increased pressure from the rising global population. So, countries like Saudi Arabia have already taken steps to remove their economic dependence on oil.

The following image demonstrates the CO2 output of the most common transportation options:

The Current Scenario of Eco-Friendly Transportation

It is very clear from this data that bicycles and e-scooters have little carbon impact. This is because they do not use any fossil fuels during the ride. Public transport like buses and trains can also significantly reduce the effect of greenhouse gases, a byproduct of fossil fuels.

Common Fuel Sources Used in Transportation

Human locomotion has rapidly evolved over the centuries. Only in the last two centuries have we witnessed the rise of fuel-powered modes of transport on land, sea, and air. This has also led to increased impacts from greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

Let’s take a glimpse at the inception of different modes of transport in various periods:

Common Fuel Sources Used in Transportation

Gasoline and diesel are the most common fuels used in conventional transportation, like cars and motorcycles. With the rise of e-bikes and the proliferation of hybrid electric cars like Tesla, we will see more innovations attempting to replace the reliance on these fossil fuels.

The Importance of Zero Carbon Emissions

As mentioned before, fossil fuels are commonly used to power our vehicles. Moreover, these fuels are also used by factories and other infrastructure to keep our civilization running. Vehicles with zero carbon emissions can greatly reduce the pressure on traditional fossil fuels.

The Importance of Zero Carbon Emissions

Let us present a chart that shows the current level of dependence of vehicles on traditional fuels:

As we can see, almost four-fifths of new passenger cars in the EU use gasoline and diesel, two common fossil fuels. If we can reduce this usage by introducing more sustainable, efficient, and innovative vehicles, we will be better able to preserve our environment. Zero carbon is the future of transportation. This approach will power our modes of transport once we run out of fossil fuels.

Understanding the EcoRides Model

EcoRides is part of Beeda, the world’s first AI-powered Mega App. This innovative app offers 50+ on-demand services, one of which is e-scooters and bicycles. With just a few steps, Beeda users can utilize EcoRides to reach their destination in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

The following image breaks down the whole process:

Understanding the EcoRides Model

The entire process is simple and eco-friendly. Moreover, Beeda Pay lets users pay for the ride quickly and securely. As a result, this service promotes using e-scooters and bicycles that have little to no impact on our environment. You have an e-scooter or bike that is easy to use. So, it can be a fantastic solution for reducing the negative effects of vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

How to Use EcoRides

Download Beeda from Google Play or the App Store. Once you’ve registered on the Mega App, you can choose EcoRides from the list of services. You can tap with your device to unlock an e-scooter or bicycle in our dedicated docking station. The payment can be made via Beeda Pay. Once you’ve reached your destination, you can lock it in the docking station for the next passenger. Make a positive impact by using EcoRides today!

The Positive Impact of E-scooters and Electric Bikes

Electric bikes are known to be easy to cycle. On the other hand, e-scooters are great for navigating through tight spaces. Let’s discuss some of the main benefits of using e-scooters and electric bikes through services like EcoRides.

1. Convenience and Accessibility

E-scooters and bicycles are easy modes of transport that do not require much experience to operate. Besides, Beeda users can also access numerous services on the Mega App apart from EcoRides. So, they can choose a bike that’s easy to cycle or use a convenient e-scooter.

2. Health and Fitness

Using a bicycle can greatly benefit the cardiovascular health of the passenger. Moreover, using sustainable transportation will lead to decreased carbon emissions. This will ultimately help preserve the quality of the air and our physical health. Bicycles also promote a proper sitting position.

3. Reducing Traffic Congestion

Fewer cars will be used if more people adopt bicycles and e-scooters, which require less road space and promote a proper posture and sitting position. This, in turn, will reduce traffic congestion, a major problem in cities worldwide.

4. Economic and Cost Benefits

Using a service like EcoRides, you do not have to buy an expensive car, pay fuel costs, or incur maintenance expenses. As a result, it’s an affordable way to commute. You not only have an e-scooter or bike that is easy to use, but you can also help others have access to shared transportation.

5. Community and Social Impact

Services like EcoRides can play a major role in making others aware of the importance of eco-friendly transportation. By spreading environmental awareness, these services can have a significant social impact in the coming years.


Everyone in our society needs to play a role in reducing the environmental impact of fossil fuels. Scientists are experimenting with more efficient and eco-friendly ways to commute. EcoRides, with its e-scooters and bicycles, can greatly reduce dependence on traditional vehicles and fuels. Thus, EcoRides can be an effective solution for ensuring sustainable transportation.


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