Trusted & Secure Digital Wallet | Beeda Wallet

Trusted & Secure Digital Wallet | Beeda Wallet

When you buy something online, you either go for cash-on-delivery or pay with your credit card. You can use the same card for your bills and get a top-up. To do these, you must input your card information every time and ensure it has enough balance. Otherwise, you can’t make a single payment.
Digital wallet changes the concept and makes your life easier. You can now use a single app and pay with a tap. Beeda mega app has introduced this online payment system and created a platform for everyone. You might be a business owner or a regular user who buys daily groceries.
It offers countless facilities to its users, including top-ups, getting loans, using it for shopping, getting rewards, and more. Let’s see how this digital payment system manages your cash better and makes your life easier.

Everything About Beeda Digital Wallet

Beeda mega app offers 50+ services and counting more to make life easier on a single platform. Both users and business owners can use this platform and grow. For business owners, Beeda offers a subscription-based system. You can subscribe to this platform, grow your business, and reach your audience more easily. On the other hand, users can find their daily needs.
For both of them, Beeda has introduced the digital payment system, where you can make an account and use it to get all the services. It’s one of the world's most secure and trusted payment systems. You can also add your credit cards and use the same account to pay your bills, buy groceries and food, and enjoy other services from Beeda.
It will be an excellent choice for business owners since they can take loans from Beeda and grow their businesses accordingly. You need to make an account and do your regular transactions from the same account. Beeda has some policies that will determine whether you are eligible to take out loans or not.

Beeda Wallet Key Specs

If you look at a regular digital wallet, you may find a lot of limitations. The main problem is flexibility. However, Beeda knows them all; that’s why it comes with the best solution. When you use Beeda and create an account, you’re done. You can access and use the Beeda wallet without any further issues.

● Add Money
● Send money 
● Receive money 
● Request Money
● Transfer Money
● Make Payment
● Taking Loans 
● Paying Bills 
● Mobile Top-Ups 
● Split Bill Flow 
● Redeem Flow 

See, you can use the same wallet everywhere and in every possible way to make your life easier. Let’s get through all those features and see how they actually work and what the wallet offers.

Add/Send/Request/Receive Money

It’s a basic feature that you can use the same wallet to add money, receive money, and send money. But requesting money is something every digital wallet won’t allow you to do smoothly. Here comes the Beeda mega app. You can surely use the Beeda wallet and do all these basic things along with requesting money.
If you want to request your friends or anyone who is on the same platform, you can do that. It’s a matter of clicks; you need to select the person and enter the amount you want. Once you send the request, the receiver will get a notification and may send you the requested money.

Transfer Money & Make Payment

Transferring your money from the Beeda wallet to your bank account or card is now easier with the Beeda digital wallet. You can select the amount you want to transfer and go through a simple process where you need to choose the account and enter the amount and your PIN code. You’re done.
On the other hand, payment is now much easier with Beeda. If you take a ride-sharing service or buy some liquor or your daily groceries, you can use your existing wallet and make the payment accordingly. It will take a few seconds to pay.

Taking Loans

Another exciting feature of Beeda wallet is the loan service. You can now easily take loans from this wallet to grow your business and meet your daily needs. In that case, Beeda has four different loans for both the users and vendors. They are:

● Micro Loan
● Car Loan
● Payday
● Small Business Loan

If you want to take a loan from Beeda, you must be a user. You might have a small business enlisted on Beeda, or you love using the Beeda platform to meet your everyday needs. In both cases, you can avail of this loan service by following a simple process.
First, go to your Beeda Wallet. Then tap on the loan option and select your preferred loan. Let’s say you need a microloan. In that case, you can simply tap on it and go through the next page, where you can enter the loan amount and choose the EMI term. It could be for anything from 1 month to 11 months, depending on your loan type and amount. Based on that, you will get to see your EMI interest rate. You may proceed and click on the Continue button if everything is done.
After that, another page will be there and ask you to enter your social and personal information. You can use any social media, including Facebook, Instagram, a website, or others. The same page will come with a personal information box where you need to put your personal information, like your date of birth, the address of your current location, and more.
Once you are done with that page, you can go to the next page, which will have a new page for additional information. There, you need to put your income source and other related data. Then, the next step will come, where you need to input your NID pictures and loan deposit information. You will have two options. You can either take the loan to your existing Beeda wallet or select the bank option to deposit the money there.
In the end, you need to provide your repayment information. You can do that if you want to use the same wallet to pay the installments. Otherwise, you have the option to enlist your cards and pay from there. Beeda will accept both and give you flexibility. After doing all these things, you are ready to request the loan.
Beeda will go through all your information and check if you’re eligible for the loan. After that, they will verify and approve your loan and transfer it to your preferred account. That’s how it works.
The process may seem difficult, but you can complete the entire process within a couple of minutes. It's easier than you ever thought. It looks like this:

● Go to Beeda Wallet
● Tap On Loans
● Select The Loan Option
● Put Your Required Information
● Send Loan Request

Paying Bills

Another great feature of the Beeda wallet is paying bills. You can now easily input your billing information and pay accordingly. You can clear off everything with a single tap, whatever the utility bills are. Since the Beeda mega app has everything you may think of, you can also use it to pay bills. You just need to put in the utility bill information and be done within a minute.

Mobile Top-Ups

What if you have a phone call and suddenly the balance is finished? Nothing to worry about; Beeda Wallet is there for a top-up. You can now write your phone number and enter your amount. That’s done. You can use the Beeda wallet and get the required top-up anytime. 

Split Bill Flow

Another interesting feature of Beeda wallet is the split bill option. You can now split the entire bill with your friends and family. To enjoy this feature, you need to input the amount and select your friend's family. Then the entire amount will be divided equally, and you can pay together. It helps to share the expenses and makes it easier for everyone.

Redeem Flow

You may also avail of the gift card in your wallet and redeem it to purchase something from Beeda. If you have a gift card, you can go through the redeem center, put in the card number, and enjoy shopping.

Why Should You Use Beeda Wallet?

You should use the Beeda wallet for five reasons. Reliable & secure service, getting loans, being easy to pay, transferring funds to your bank or cards, and others Let’s see how they make your life much easier.
When you use Beeda mega app, you basically have access to everything. You can order your groceries, buy liquor, get flowers, get a ride-sharing service, and what not? When you avail of these services, you need to pay. In that case, the Beeda wallet might be a good choice. 
You can pay for everything with a single click. You just need to make sure that your wallet has enough balance. If you’re running out of balance, don’t worry. You can top up the wallet anytime from your cards or bank account.
Another great feature of using Beeda Wallet is taking loans. Beeda offers several loan packages to its users. If you have a small business and you want to have some cash to upgrade your business, you can do that. Even anyone can take out a personal or payday loan and repay it accordingly.
For all these reasons, you should give Beeda wallet a try. It’ll make your life easier.


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