Beeda Mega App: Starting a Revolution with AI-Based Features

Beeda Mega App: Starting a Revolution with AI-Based Features

Time is a crucial factor, and everybody wants to save more time. Imagine having an app that offers all the solutions and services that you need on one platform. The Beeda Mega App brings these solutions to life with powerful AI features and a user-friendly interface. Today, we will discuss some of the services of Beeda and their AI-assisted features. Let’s take a look!

The Beeda Mega App

Beeda is a unique AI-powered Mega App that currently offers 50+ services for everyday life. The best thing about Beeda is that you don’t need to download separate apps for different services. From ride-sharing services to grocery delivery, this mega app has it all. Let’s take a look at some of Beeda’s services:

  • Beeda Mall 
  • Beeda Rides 
  • Beeda Food 
  • Beeda Grocery
  • Beeda Flower
  • Beeda Liquor
  • Beeda Pay 
  • Beeda Play 
  • Beeda Travel 
  • Beeda Gas
  • Beeda Water
  • Beeda Courier
  • Beeda Farmer 
  • Beeda Pharmacy

These are just some of the various services and solutions that you can find on Beeda. Moreover, you’ll get products and services of the best quality sourced from the best vendors, sellers, or service providers. Beeda is also an amazing platform for businesses to grow their operations and reach a wider audience.

More services will be added in the near future, and the Beeda team has plans to go global very soon. One awesome feature of Beeda is the use of AI features in the app. Beeda uses the latest AI technologies to provide users with a personalized and smooth experience. The app makes accurate suggestions with its convenient AI features. 

AI and Services in 2024

AI technologies have made headlines with powerful tools and innovative solutions. We are already seeing the application of AI platforms in various fields, such as marketing, app development, and graphic design. AI solutions have started to impact the service industry as well. Today, there is a trend to enhance customer experiences using the capabilities of AI.

According to Forbes, AI is predicted to grow by 37.3% every year from 2023 to 2030. AI tools are creating new opportunities and possibilities. Beeda identified this potential and started to develop a Mega App that utilizes AI features to serve users in a way never seen before. It’s one of the first apps to incorporate AI into so many services at once.

06 Solutions from Beeda that Will Revolutionize the App Industry

Let’s take a look at six examples of Beeda’s services that use AI features to bring revolutionary solutions to users.

1. Car Sale

Car Sale features a large marketplace where users can purchase new or used cars from authorized dealers or other users. You can specify your car requirements and budget on Car Sale and get customized recommendations through AI. You will also have the freedom to choose from a vast category of models, from sedans to SUVs.  

2. Tasker

Looking for a skilled and certified trades worker? Use Tasker to book a plumber or electrician. If you’re not sure what services you need, don’t worry. You can submit your issue on Tasker. Once you do, the dedicated AI algorithms will analyze the issue and recommend a list of skilled experts who can solve it. 

3. Classifit

Classifit is a C2C marketplace where users can purchase or sell their products. Classifit uses a variety of AI features that make the C2C experience more enjoyable. The platform will make different product suggestions based on your shopping history and spending habits.

4. BeeChat

BeeChat is a messaging platform that will transform your messaging experience. BeeChat features a vast collection of the coolest and most trending emojis. Besides, you can also upload large files on this platform. You can even send different types of AI generated messages using the suggestions offered by the app. 

5. Errands

Errands will let you book someone to take care of a manual task quickly and at a reasonable price. You can book anyone for shopping or lawn mowing using Errands. Similar to Tasker, you can also describe the task and your requirements and get personalized suggestions according to your specifications.

6. Beeda Travel

Beeda Travel gives you access to a world of exciting travel plans and deals. Explore the most exotic destinations with Beeda Travel. The platform also uses AI technology to prepare customized plans and options that you can choose from. This reduces the hassle and gives you a quick and smooth travel experience. 


Beeda will revamp the service-based app industry with its innovative and intuitive AI features. The Mega App offers more freedom and accessibility to users. You can also save a lot of time and money by getting all the services from one app. We definitely believe that Beeda will create a revolution in the coming years.


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