04 Fastest Food Delivery Services in Jamaica in 2024

04 Fastest Food Delivery Services in Jamaica in 2024

What happens when you're craving your favorite meal, or perhaps something from a global food chain, but need more time to dine out? The answer lies in food delivery services. In 2024, Jamaica will have several options to choose from, each with its own unique features and limitations. Today, we'll look at four of Jamaica's fastest food delivery services: QuickCart, Beeda Food, Big 6 Delivery, and 7Krave. We'll compare these platforms to help you decide on an option that suits your needs.

Fastest Jamaican Food Delivery Services

Let's learn more about Jamaica's fastest food delivery services, well-known for their quick and convenient service and diverse options.

1. QuickCart

QuickCart is a multi-purpose delivery service in Jamaica that can deliver food, groceries, electronics, and over-the-counter medications. However, its food menus are less extensive than some of its competitors. While QuickCart is an option, it may not be your best choice if you're primarily looking for a wide variety of options. Still, it can be convenient if you need groceries or medications alongside your meal.


  • Multiple services


  • Less focus on food delivery

  • Less extensive menus

2. Beeda Food

Beeda Food is the food delivery platform from Beeda Mega App. Users can download Beeda from Google Play or the App Store and select Beeda Food from the app's extensive collection of services. Beeda has partnered with many local and international food businesses in Jamaica. Moreover, it has low subscriptions and commissions for partnering restaurants.


  • Access to various other services

  • Low commission & subscription fees for businesses

  • Low subscription fees for delivery personnel

  • Wide range of options

  • Operates everywhere in Jamaica


  • A new player in the market

3. Big 6 Delivery

Big 6 Delivery is a well-known food delivery service operating in many areas of Jamaica. It specializes in delivering takeout from leading food chains like KFC and Burger King. However, its menus may not be as extensive as those on Beeda Food. Also, the prices might be on the higher side. There needs to be more emphasis on local Jamaican cuisine, which can be disappointing if you're craving authentic Jamaican flavors.


  • Features popular food chains


  • Higher prices

  • Less extensive menus

  • Little emphasis on local cuisine

4. 7Krave

7Krave focuses on delivering a range of dishes, including vegan options and foreign dishes. However, one of its major drawbacks is the limited selection within each category. They may only have what you want if you're searching for a specific item or variety. Moreover, it operates only in Kingston & St. Andrew, Portmore, and Ocho Rios, so you must be within those areas to benefit from its services.


  • Flexible choices


  • Limited selection in each category

  • It doesn't operate in all areas

Why Beeda Food is Our Top Pick

Beeda Food is changing the Jamaican food delivery landscape. As part of the Beeda Mega App, it has partnered with both global and local food chains and restaurants throughout Jamaica. What sets Beeda Food apart is its comprehensive range of services. In addition to food delivery, users can access ride-sharing, a digital business card service, groceries, farm produce, and more. Beeda Food stands out for several reasons:

1. Low Commission Fees for Food Businesses

One of the most significant advantages of Beeda Food is the low commission fees it charges food businesses. This means restaurants and eateries can join the platform without substantial financial burdens. This, in turn, encourages more eateries to offer their food through Beeda Food, providing you with diverse dining options at lower prices.

2. Zero Commission Fees for Delivery Personnel

Another key feature is that Beeda Food charges zero commission fees for delivery personnel. Delivery men pay a low subscription fee to join Beeda, which can motivate more drivers to offer their services on the platform. The absence of commissions translates to more reasonable delivery charges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let's answer some common questions regarding food delivery services in Jamaica.

1. Are these services available all over Jamaica?

Beeda Food is available across Jamaica, making it a versatile option for urban and rural areas. QuickCart, Big 6 Delivery, and 7Krave have limited service areas, so checking if they deliver to your location is essential.

2. Do these services deliver from local Jamaican restaurants?

Beeda Food partners with local and global food chains and restaurants. Big 6 Delivery focuses primarily on global food chains like KFC and Burger King. QuickCart and 7Krave might have some local restaurant options, but their menus are less extensive.

3. How do delivery fees and commissions work?

Beeda Food charges zero commission fees for delivery personnel. Delivery men pay a low subscription fee to join the platform. Other services charge commissions to food businesses and vary in terms of costs for delivery personnel.

4. Which service offers the most extensive food variety?

Beeda Food stands out for its variety of local and global options. QuickCart offers diverse services but has limited choices for customers. Big 6 Delivery focuses primarily on global chains. 7Krave has a limited selection in each category, but you can also find some great dishes there.

5. What are the delivery times and availability of these services?

Delivery times and availability may vary depending on the specific location and service. Be sure to check the app or website for accurate details.


When choosing a food delivery service in Jamaica, it's essential to consider your specific needs, location, and preferences. Whether you're looking for local Jamaican cuisine, global flavors, or a mix of services, you have multiple options to cater to your unique tastes and requirements. Remember to explore the available choices in your area and read reviews to ensure a satisfying dining experience.


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